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About Yankton Housewives

Indulge in the Joy of Community with Twist of Pine’s HOUSEWIVES Membership

Are you yearning for a slice of joy, a night of uninhibited fun, or simply a nurturing break from the daily grind? Introducing the Twist of PIne’s HOUSEWIVES Membership – more than just a social club; it's your ticket to a monthly escape filled with laughter, crafts, and fine wine, all in the splendid company of kindred spirits.


Discover the Essence of Twist of Pine’s HOUSEWIVES Membership:

At This of Pine we offer the Twist of PIne’s HOUSEWIVES Membership, because we believe that every woman deserves a designated time that’s just for her - a respite laden with creative endeavors, scrumptious bites, and flowing conversations that sparkle just like the wine in your glass. 


Key Features:

  • Monthly Gatherings: Forge lasting friendships and revel in the camaraderie of local women from all walks of life, meeting regularly to share joyous moments.

  • Two Dates Every Month: Join us for the second Tuesday, or that same week’s Thursday every month.  Choose one or spoil yourself and come to both. Holiday Party Dates are set by the membership in October.

  • Diverse Activities: Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast, a craft aficionado, or a vino connoisseur, find your niche in our vibrant community.

  • Summer Pool Parties: Meetings in June, July & August start at 1 pm with a POOL Party afternoon at Twist of Pine, and follow up with a 6 pm food event - come for the whole day if you can.  Mark your calendars now!

  • Exclusive Holiday Party: Members receive the honorary invitation to our grand annual Holiday Party – a gala bursting with giveaways, a guest pass, and endless cheer, all amidst festive décor.

  • Stellar Event Location: Revel in the chic ambiance at Twist of Pine, a boutique venue renowned for hosting unforgettable events.

  • Trademark Hospitality: Hosted by Lisa Kneifl and her dedicated staff at Twist of Pine, expect an evening where creative food, fun and originality are always on the menu.

  • Affordable Indulgence: Delight in all these experiences with a modest membership fee and no hidden costs – transparency is key to our ethos.


For Whom:

The Twist of PIne’s HOUSEWIVES Membership is the perfect enclave for women residing in and around Yankton County region, and, regardless of marital status or age. Our doors are open to those women seeking meaningful connections, creative release, and genuine good times.


Emotional Appeal:


Embrace the essence of self-care and let your burdens melt away. With Twist of PIne’s HOUSEWIVES Membership, feed your soul with the laughter and warmth of newfound friends, igniting a sense of belonging that's truly rare. It's about allowing yourself that invaluable time to rejuvenate, to bond over shared passions, and to savor life’s little pleasures, sans the pressure.


Standout Factors:


Forget rigid structures or dull obligations that other membership bring. Twist of PIne’s HOUSEWIVES Membership is about unwinding in style and with ease. There are no positions of leadership to stress over, no meetings to prep for – just pure, untethered enjoyment in a space where fun is the only agenda.


Are You Ready to Join?

Bid farewell to the ordinary and step into an extraordinary social experience that redefines self-care and camaraderie. The Twist of PIne’s HOUSEWIVES Membership awaits your presence – will you grace us with yours?


Elevate your social calendar and enrich your life. Contact us today and become a part of something special – because every woman deserves her share of carefree delight. 

Upcoming Housewives Events

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PERKS for our Yankton Housewives

As a member of the Yankton Housewives,

there are a number of perks we don't want you to forget about!

  • Our Monthly Member Events at Twist of Pine

  • ONE Guest Pass, bring a GUEST Free to any one event between January and November

  • VIP Access to any other TOP sponsored event

  • $5 off any ticket purchased or TwistedTrays Order

  • Special Rates for TOP, and our Airbnb’s (thePinecone & leather&spruce)

  • Special DISCOUNTS for HWYC Members ONLY (Pop-Ups/Retail Events)

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